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Biotin For Hair Loss Prevention

Sick of looking in the mirror and slowly watching your hair start to thin?

Hair loss is an issue more common than people realise. Many people suffer from thinning hair due to genetics, medications, hormones, pregnancy, and even conditions such as stress and depression. People are starting to turn to hair loss prevention products more than ever and hair companies are starting to invest more in targeting this issue through more natural ingredients, like Biotin.

Biotin is another name for the B7 vitamin which is used to stimulate keratin production in hair and help increase follicle growth. This vitamin is found in a number of foods including: egg yolk, meat, nuts, soybeans/legumes, whole grains/cereals, and many fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower, sweet potato and bananas. 

As Biotin contains the vitamins and minerals needed to regrow healthy hair, many people deficient in the vitamin have started to turn to Biotin supplements. The 

FOLIGAIN® Biotin Supplement is great for anyone looking for help with their overall hair health. 

Biotin is also added in some shampoos and conditioners to support those with thinning hair as it can help reduce hair loss. FOLIGAIN®'s rejuvenating Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner is blended with high performance organic ingredients that are shown to add volume and dimension for thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair. The Biotin is applied directly to the hair follicles to help increase growth. 

Some benefits of FOLIGAIN®'s Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner include:

Paraben- and sulfate-free: FOLIGAIN®’s advanced formula leaves the harsh chemicals out of the bottle and out of your hair. With every application, you’ll know you’re only using the best of the best.

Cruelty-free: This product has not been tested on animals so you can have peace of mind while washing your hair.

Non-GMO: All ingredients that go into each package of FOLIGAIN® Rejuvenating Biotin Shampoo are free from genetic modification, just like nature intended.

No synthetic fragrances or colours: Natural, organic ingredients make this product look and smell great without any need for artificial enhancements.

Soothing and enriching: Oat kernel extract offers a soothing and conditioning sensation for the hair and scalp while biotin and vitamin E nourish each strand.

Other dermatologist recommended treatments to help prevent hair loss include Minoxidil and Trioxidil, two ingredients that can be found in many of FOLIGAIN®'s hair treatment products.

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