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What to Know About Beautify’s Natural Hold Tape and Why You’ll Love It

It’s no secret that we’ve got our fair share of tapes here at Beautify. There are a lot of things that make each tape great and reasons why people love it. However, we’ve noticed that there is one tape that has recently gotten more and more popular.


That tape is Natural Hold. If you’ve never used Natural Hold before, let us introduce you to it.


What Is Natural Hold?


Natural Hold is an extension tape that is designed to be more comfortable. It does this in a few different ways:


  • Fits in a natural, flexible way
  • Comes off easily, with little residue
  • Holds for up to eight weeks


It is also available in three different roll sizes and two different tape sizes. That way you can find the right size for any client.


These are just a few of the things that make stylists and clients alike love Natural Hold. But how is it able to work so well?


How Does It Work?


The secret behind Natural Hold is its acrylic-based adhesive. This adhesive allows for all of the best things about Natural Hold.


For example, acrylic adhesives are able to handle even some of the hardest-to-stick-to surfaces, like hair. This makes it ideal for extension tape.


Plus, acrylic adhesives are easy to clean up. This is why Natural Hold leaves little residue, making clean-up quick and easy.


All of these features combined make Natural Hold an incredible extension tape. But there’s even more to it than you may know.


What’s Not to Love?


This all leaves us asking, what’s not to love about Natural Hold extension tape? 


There are so many benefits to this tape, it’s not surprising that it’s becoming one of Beautify’s best selling products. Some of our favorite things about Natural Hold are:


  • It comes in double and single-sided
  • It’s considered incredibly comfortable
  • It’s easy to install and remove
  • It leaves very little residue
  • It’s ideal for just about any extension client



We have a lot of really incredible tapes, all of them have things to love. But we’re not surprised to see so many of you loving Natural Hold!

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