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FoligainLash - Eyelash Lengthener (0.17oz) 5ml


Stimulates lash growth  

• Enhances lash fullness
• Uses highly advanced MP-17 Serum
FOLIGAIN.LASH® from Anagen Research™ is formulated using a thoroughly tested, highly effective MP-17 serum designed to produce a healthy set of thick, long eyelashes. This non-allergenic serum uses a special key ingredient called MP-17 (Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17) together with a grape stem cell extract, Vitis vinifera, to give you full and luscious lashes.   
How Does FOLIGAIN.LASH® Work? 
FOLIGAIN.LASH® utilises its two main ingredients, Vitis vinifera and MP-17, to enhance lash cell proliferation, lengthen and widen eyelashes, and strengthen eyelid cells.
MP-17 is a naturally extracted botanical peptide that influences keratin genes, which moderate the length and size of lashes. When MP-17 stimulates these important genes, it stimulates hair growth at the lash follicle.
Vitis vinifera is a grape stem cell extract that contains special epigenetic factors and metabolites, which specifically enhances eyelash nourishment, provides protection against harmful UV rays, and strengthens eyelashes against premature ageing.Why Use FOLIGAIN.LASH®? 
It is highly desirable to have a thick set of beautiful eyelashes that enhance the eyes. FOLIGAIN.LASH® is a recommended lash follicle treatment that may benefit anyone who would like to have thicker, stronger eyelashes.
The latest formula from Anagen Research™ is safe, highly effective, and is easily applied like eyeliner. FOLIGAIN.LASH® is the latest in advanced hair care technology for stunning results for both your upper and lower eyelashes.