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Eliminate Brain Fog


Brain fog and poor memory can ruin our ability to learn new things and be productive. Luckily top neurohacker and natural health expert Abelard Lindsay discovered a natural formula that allows you to focus better and learn things much faster.

It all becomes possible with a wonderful product known as NEUROFUEL. But first, a little backstory.

How Strengthening 'Memory Joints' Leads to Faster Learning.

Until recently, many thought that the hippocampus = (known as the brain's 'diary room') was where we stored memories.

But scientists now believe that memories are also stored in tiny joints between our brain cells. These joints are called 'synapses'. The common belief that brain fog and poor memory arise due to these joints becoming weak.

Yet, this also means enhancing joints can improve focus and speed up learning ability. It's a process reffered to as long-term potentiation (LTP).

The Secret to Unlocking Your Brain's Power

Before, nobody know how LTP works or how to activate it. But a team from the National Institute of Physiological Sciences in Japan (led by Dr. Hideji Murakoshi) set out to change that.

A new brain-scanning technology has been developed known as 'optogenetics'. Optogenetics enables scientists to activate genetically modified brain cells using light. All in all, it observes how the brain works from the outside.

Using optogenetics, the Japanese scientists did soemthing amazing. They activated a protein in the synapses of the barins of mice called CaMKII

What scientists saw next, let to an outbreak of cheers and high fives. The synapses in the mices' brains started changing shape and getting stronger before their eyes.

The Secret to Unlocking Your Brain's Power

As LTP was activated in the mice, new memories were formed. Following the stunning discovery, the Japanese scientists had other plans. They wanted to try activating LTP in the brains of people with autism and severe memory loss.

They were eager to solve one of the biggest medical challenges of our generation.

But the scientists eventually discovered something else. Improving memory, focus, and learning came down to more than just sleep, diet and exercise. Activating LTP in the human brain is also a strong requirement for daily success.

The good news in that a new person home-based method for activating  LTP now exists. It eliminates brain fog, increases memory and learning, nd comes with no know side effects. Its called NEUROFUEL, and it will fuel your brain better than anything you've ever tried.

Why its important for elite athletes to maintain mental clarity

David Reynolds, V8 Super Car driver opens up on his personal nutrition and why he trusts Neuro Fuel and incorporates it into his daily routine. Watch the IGTV video below for the discussion.

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