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Top 5 Must Have Products for Wig Wearers

Whether you are a stylist needing to build up your catalog for your clientele, or perhaps you’re a wig connoisseur just looking for the latest products. We have devised a list of what we believe to be the top 5 products that are a must have for all wig lovers out there. Let's go!

1. Max Hold Sport

Before you put on any tape or glue adhesive you first want to prep your head by applying a scalp protector. We recommend the Max Hold Sport as it is our strongest scalp protector yet. It’s designed to help protect the scalp from any potential irritation from adhesive contact. Plus, it helps keep the hold of the adhesive strong by protecting it from sweat, oil, and water that it could come in contact with during wear. This is especially great for those with sensitive skin, those who live an active lifestyle, or those who live in warm or humid climates.

2. No-Shine Tape Rolls

Every wig stylist and wearer should have a tape adhesive on hand. While the 1522 Clear is our most popular daily wear tape, it is not ideal for mesh units due to its shine. That’s why we recommend the No-shine tape roll - a leader in maximum wear. It has a very dull finish and is virtually invisible through the unit which makes it great for use with any hair system. It’s made with urethane which makes it very flexible with the skin. We offer this tape in 1.5″ width rolls so it’s perfect for full-coverage jobs. It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t break down as much as other tapes during removal.

3. Mity-Tite

If you (or your client) want to keep your hair system on for a few days using a daily wear tape but need a few touch-ups here and there, you’ll want to use Mity-Tite. Our most popular adhesive for touch-ups also works great as a standalone liquid glue adhesive. When clients are looking for a quick fix to keep their system in place without needing a full reinstall, Mity-Tite is the perfect choice. This acrylic-based adhesive is skin safe and great for both daily wear and touch-ups. Not to mention is waterproof, dried clear, and can be used with all hair systems.

4. C-22 Solvent

Adhesive remover is a staple product you’re going to want to keep on hand. If you’re looking for a fast-acting solvent, C-22 Solvent is for you. Our most popular adhesive remover is gentle on skin and works great on all hair systems. It’s oil-based, which means it breaks down adhesives quickly and easily. It also has a lovely, light citrus scent and rinses off easily with soap and water. C-22 makes removing hair systems a snap and is a go-to product we can’t recommend enough.

5. Top-Loc Knot Sealer

For all you full front and lace front wig lovers out there, Top-Loc Knot sealer is definitely one product you’re going to want to invest in. Top-Loc Knot Sealer is one of the best ways to extend the life of mesh systems. After a while of wear, the knots of tied hair can start to loosen. Top-Loc Knot Sealer helps prevent that by helping keep these delicate knots tied tight. This helps preserve the hair system’s longevity so you can wear you wig longer. Sounds like a win to us!

Do I need both tape and glue adhesive?

When it comes to wigs, many people tend to have a preference for either tapes or glues. It's not necessary to have both on hand, but we do believe it is useful. If you want to invest in a particular adhesive first but are unsure with which one to go with, we suggest checking out our list of pros and cons for Tape vs Glue wig adhesives.


Make sure to check out the full Walker Tape range here to see our other great products on offer.



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