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Tape vs Glue: Which is the better wig adhesive?

It’s time to put an end to the age-old question… do I use a tape adhesive or liquid glue adhesive to secure my hair piece? The answer to that will depend on many different factors and will vary for each individual. Ask yourself, do I sweat a lot? Do I live an active lifestyle? Do I have sensitive skin? Do I have oily skin? How long would I like my wig to stay in place? The answer to these questions will help you decide whether tape or glue is best for you. So, which adhesive should you go? Let’s find our below!

When it comes to wigs, most people tend to go for wigs with a lace to get that more natural look. Like the names suggest, a full lace wig is pasted entirely onto the head while a front lace wig is usually only pasted onto the top of your forehead (just under the scalp). The two most popular methods for securing these hair systems are tape and liquid glue adhesives — both great options. Finding the attachment method that works best for you normally comes down to personal preference as they each have their own benefits and limitations. Let’s start with the pros and cons for tape adhesive.

Tape: Pros and Cons 

Tape adhesive is available as a roll, in pre-cut strips, or even spot tabs to easily match the shape of the hair piece attachment. They are double sided to help the wig easily adhere to the head and come in many different liner colours  with each colour indicating a different level of strength and tackiness. Using wig tape will help make the wig much more secure and can even last up to 6 weeks (depending on temperature and natural body oils).


  • Can be used with many different base materials
  • Great for those with sensitive skin
  • Non-flammable, with less harsh chemicals
  • Faster instillation time compared to glue
  • Little to no mess
  • Easier to use, making it great for beginners
  • Can last longer than glue if applied correctly
  • Preferred method among professionals
  • Many different tapes available to target specific needs


  • When removed, tape can peel off natural hair if not careful
  • Less natural looking compared to glue when adhered to front lace
  • Has shine that can look less natural on lighter density wigs
  • Can be tricky to remove
  • Easy to overheat when wig is taped down
  • Less longevity compared to glue

Glue: Pros and Cons 

Wig glue is available as a brush-on, squeeze-on, or dab-on clear roll-on adhesive that is easily removed with water and will not leave stains. It is designed for weekly or extended wear. Popular glue adhesives include solvent-based clear glue and white glue. White glue goes on white and dries clear, while clear glue goes on clear and dries clear. This makes it easier to apply the lace front wig as the glue will not be seen through the mesh, making it look much more natural.


  • Stronger bonding compared to tape
  • Helps create a more precise attachment
  • More natural look and feel
  • Little to no shine left behind
  • Easy to apply for those who are experienced wig wearers
  • More secure and longer lasting than tape
  • Can be used to secure other things such as pantyhose


  • Easy to accidentally apply too much glue
  • Glue can seep through the base if overdone
  • Takes longer to attach and remove compared to tape
  • Most glues are flammable
  • Not great for those with sensitive skin
  • Does not remain waterproof after a while
  • White glue can turn white when you perspire (sweat)
  • Not recommended for people who may overheat 
  • Can cause oils to build up underneath wig

Which should I choose: Tape or Glue?

When it comes to the best adhesive for full lace or front lace wigs there is no wrong answer. If you are just starting out with wigs, perhaps begin with a tape first as the application can be easier. If you are looking for more long-term wear, a glue adhesive may be your best option. 

Today, there are many different glues on the market and tapes each designed to target a different specification. Choosing the right one can seem overwhelming with such an abundance of choice. If you feel confident with attaching the wig and want a long-lasting wear, maybe go with glue. If you are just starting out and are worried about making a mess, go with the tape.

No matter which option you choose, there are glue and tape removal solutions available to help with the mess of liquids or the overall removal process. There are also tapes available specifically formulated for lace-front hair systems and glues available that are water-proof so you can carry on your day without worry of getting your wig wet. We recommend checking out our list of the Top 5 must have products for wig wearers to make life just a little bit easier upon every application. 


Walker Tape is the market leader when it comes to wig glues and tapes. To check out their full range of products, click here

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