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Everyday Hairstyling Causing Hair Damage? Says Who!

Ellips - Everyday hairstyling causing hair damage? Says who!

Hairdryer, straightener or curlers are unavoidable in this day and age but there are still ways for you to combat damage from everyday hairstyling.

Maybe a lot of us feel like we have no choice but to straighten or simply use the hairdryer. Especially for those of us who lead an active lifestyle, maintaining appearance is a must. Who can relate to this? 

Heat from hairstyling tools can damage hair, first making it dry dull and full of split ends, and finishing with fall outs. Oh noo, beware Ladies! 

Here’s some simple things we can do that are very important: 

1. Lower the temperature

Ladies do you know that dialling up the temperature to its highest is not the best way to use hairstyling tools? Many people think that low temperatures mean you won’t get the best result out of that styling tool. According to experts, however, that 185 degrees Celsius is enough, as any higher and it will dry out hair. Now go ahead and lower the heat of your styling tools! 

2. Cool air is an alternative

We are so used to drying our hair with hot air that we never stop to consider that we can do the same with cold air! It’s just like leaving your hair to dry naturally after a shower. It’s easy to adjust the temperature of your styling tools, let’s start adapting to this new routine! 

3. Hair protection product is a must!

Other than lowering the heat of hairstyling tools, protecting your hair with hair vitamin is very important. Just like your skin, it needs to be moisturised and Ellips Hair vitamin with Pro-Keratin complex and Jojoba oil can do just that for you. Keeping hair healthy even if exposed to hairdryers. You can use the capsule right after showering whilst your hair is still damp or just before using hairstyling tools, just one capsule is enough! It’s so easy!

4. To keep it hydrated, use a hair mask once a week

One thing that is just as important as using Ellips hair vitamins before hairstyling is to have a haircare routine for your gorgeous hair. You can make frequent trips to the salon or if you’re simply too busy, a haircare routine at home is definitely possible. There are so many options for those of you looking for a hair mask that’s both powerful and easy to find, Ellips hair mask is one of them! You can try whichever line suits your hair problem. Dry, dull, coloured or hard to manage hair? Ellips hair mask to the rescue! Another thing is, in just one minute you can get healthy and smooth hair after rinsing! Isn’t it so simple, Ladies? Just once a week will do! 

For all the ladies who don’t take a break when it comes to hairstyling, try the tips above!

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