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This is Why Your Hair Needs Argan Oil!

Ellips - This is Why Your Hair Needs Argan Oil!

Do you often hear about the benefits of argan oil for skin and face? Let me let you in on a little secret Ladies, argan oil is also good for  hair treatment!

Recently, argan oil has become very popular. It’s  found in many products ingredients, not only beauty products but also hair care products. For those who are still not very familiar with this oil, let’s read  until the end!

Argan oil is an oil that comes from the seeds of the Argan tree which comes from Morocco. There are many useful ingredients in Argan oil, such as  vegetable fats, fatty acids, omega-3, xanthophyll,  beta carotene, and vitamin A, C, E. looking at the ingredients, it’s no wonder Argan oil has become the secret of Moroccan women for healthy, shiny, moisturized hair for thousands of years. 

Argan Oil ‘The Hair Saviour’

As you might have guessed, argan oil is a great moisturizer for skin and it works just as well for the hair. Fatty acids and vitamin E in Argan oil can provide nutrition and hydration for the hair. Vitamin E, the main ingredient of Argain oil, also act as an antioxidant which  protects hair from radicals caused by pollution and sun exposure.  In addition, if you have problems with hair loss, Argan oil can help to overcome it as well as accelerate  hair growth.

Argan oil rich in  vitamin A, C, and E can also help to soften each strand of your hair. Plus, the combination of those three vitamins can instantly make your hair shiny all day long! That is the answer to the shiny hair of Moroccan woman, Ladies!

As a woman, hair is our number one priority. It doesn’t matter if we leave the house only with t-shirt and jeans, as long as our hair is not messy. If you’re concerned about styling your hair often , Argan oil is the  answer to your worries.

Many studies have shown that Argan oil can reduce hair damage due to the heat of hairstyling tools. Argan oil  rich in  fatty acid can produce a new layer which  protects hair  exposed to  heat from hairstyling tools. This is the reason why hair is not easily damaged,  it even looks thicker and healthier. This benefit is also for those of you with colored hair!

Now that you know the benefits of argan oil for hair, From heat protection to shine boost and dryness relief, argan oil just keeps proving what a great addition it is to any hair care regimen. Its time to give your hair the best, Ladies!

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