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4 Signs That Your Hair is Damaged

Ellips - 4 Signs That Your Hair is Damaged

Damaged hair is a nightmare for most of women. What are the signs and how to handle it?

Ladies, try to check your current hair condition. Has your hair become dry, hard to manage, or even have split ends? It possible that your hair is damaged. Don’t panic Ladies, let’s look at 4 signs of damaged hair and how to take care of it!

Signs of Damage Hair 


1. Tangled Hair 

About Hair - Ellips

Try to comb your hair, if it’s still tangled even though you’re doing it slowly, then you need to stay alert, Ladies! Tangled and hard to manage hair are signs that your hair is dry. When  outer layer of your hair becomes dry and tends to make your hair rough. Usually, dry hair is caused by the high frequency of sun exposure and the use of hair products that are actually not suitable for your hair, Ladies!

2. Split Ends

It is common that the tip of your hair is more brittle if is not well treated, since the hair tip has less nutrition other parts of the hair. Split ends can be caused by the  frequently using of hairstyling tools without applying heat protectant, frequently changing hair colors and frequently tying your hair with a rubber band. 

Excessive hair loss 

Everybody experiences  hair loss. Hair loss is not always a sign that your hair is damaged, it is still considered normal if its only 50-100 strands of hair loss per day. But if its more than that, you should try to identify the cause of your severe hair loss, Ladies!

3. Extreme Dryness

One of the characteristics of healthy hair is its shine . Dry hair occcures because it does not get the moisture that it needs. This happens not only to women but also to men, regardless of age. Washing your hair often, dyeing hair with chemical products, and using hairstyling tools almost every day, also can trigger extreme dryness.

How to take care of it?

1. Do not wash your hair every day

It is important to keep your hair clean but, washing your hair every day can make your natural oils which  are useful to keep  hair moisturized might be going to waste. Hair experts recommend s   washing your hair 2-3 times in a week. 

2. Routinely  trimming the ends of your hair 

The ends of your hair breaks more easily compared to the middle part of the hair. Trimming should be done to remove the damaged part of the hair as well as prevent the spread of split ends. You can do it once in one or two months by cutting the end of the hair around 8-10 centimeters. Trimming also helps hair to grow healthier. 

3. Pay attention to the ingredients of your hair product

Ladies, you might need to take a note of this! There are several chemical ingredients that should be avoided when choosing hair care product. Make sure that those products do not contain parabens, sulfates, or  coal tar that can cause  heavy damage to your hair.

4. Try Ellips Haircare product range 

If your hair is classified as damaged hair after reading this article, don’t  worry! You can start to take care of your hair with Ellips Haircare. Using one capsule of Ellips Hair Vitamin after washing your hair can keep it from dryness caused by hairstyling tools, sun, or frequently washing your hair . For extra care, use Ellips Hair mask once a week. You just need to wait 1 minute and voilaaa your hair will be back to smooth and bouncy! It’s very practical, right Ladies? Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A, C, E in almost all Ellips products can help  to make your damaged hair become healthy and shiny again!

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