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Be A Winter Warrior, But Don't Forget Recovery

Resolve to Recover Better with 3 Easy Recipes

These ideas are so good, you'll be tempted to end your workout early just to get home to enjoy them. But don't do that...too often.

1. Chocolate Smoothie ROCTANE Recovery + Pour-Over Coffee

This recipe courtesy of Patrick Reagan, ultra runner and 3-time winner of the Javelina Jundred. It's dead simple and combines two of our favorite things.

2. Vanilla Bean ROCTANE Recovery + Tumeric Chai

Brought to you by Kaytlyn Gerbin, another badass ultra runner with a long list of accomplishments, including being on the first all-female team to complete the self-supported FKT on the Rainier Infinity Loop.


"Winter in the Pacific Northwest usually means 3 things: wet, muddy, and just barely above freezing. When I get inside after a rainy training run, I'm craving a warm recovery beverage. Here's my favorite this season:

  • 1-2 scoops of Vanilla Bean Gu ROCTANE Protein Recovery
  • Mixed with equal parts milk (or non-dairy alternative) and turmeric chai concentrate.
Enjoy it warm!"
3. Extra Chocolatey Chocolate Smoothie ROCTANE Recovery Cocoa

Pro mountain biker Erin Huck mixes up an extra delicious beverage perfect for bouncing back from a cold ride. Bonus tip: make this in an insulated mug so you can take it along to the park. As you'll hear, dogs don't like waiting!

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