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Tape-In Extensions on Short Hair



A Few Common Questions About Tape Extensions & Short Hair


Bobs, chops, lobs, undercuts, wedges, finger waves, springy curls – there are seemingly endless ways to make short hair super cute and extremely versatile!


Yet, what happens when your clients rocking the short hair crave a bit of length? Hopefully, you can find the answer to this question and many more in the following post.


Keep in mind though, we’re specifically covering the topic in regard to working with our extension tapes. As always, when it comes to styling advice, we defer to your expertise. 


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Can You Put Tape Extensions in Short Hair?


Definitely! Depending on how “long” your client’s short hair is, you can make most any style under the sun work (excluding complete buzzcuts of course!)


This can be music to your clients ears as they search for the right look for things such as special occasions. Maybe, they want short hair most of the time and long hair for the odd event here and there. Tape-in extensions are the perfect solution for them!


Are Tape Extensions Safe for Short Hair?


Yes! (Gotta love yes or no questions!) In fact, skip to the advantages section below to see how tape-ins might be one of the safer routes for your short-hair clients to take.


It might seem like extensions on short hair could be too heavy, but give us a second to explain why this isn’t the case. As you match your client’s bio hair with the right extensions, you’re looking more at strand thickness than weight. 


For example, the roots of five-inch long hair are as strong as the roots of 20-inch long hair. So, If an extension might be too heavy, that has more to do with thickness of the strand and not so much about the length.


Yeah, But What About Really Short Hair? As in, Buzzes and Super Short Pixie Cuts? 


Spoiler to the next question’s answer: we recommend using our extension tape on hair of at least 3 inches of length. Considering how many styles you’re dealing with, there are probably plenty of pixie cuts that have three inches of hair. 


But for your clients with hair under that three-inch threshold, ask them to come back in a few weeks or consider recommending a hair system.


How Short Can Hair Be for Tape-Ins? 


We know you know now, but repetition is key to remembering: 3 inches.


This length allows for enough space at the roots for the extensions to wear with a natural feel without any tension discomforts. It also accounts for the thicknesses of the tape tabs and extension wefts themselves. 


Plus, it also gives a bit of space so the extensions aren’t being applied directly to your client’s hair ends.


Advantages of the Tape-In Route for Short Hair


It’s a bit trickier to have long hair and pull off a short hair look when your clients want to. But thanks to your tape-in extension knowhow, it’s pretty easy and convenient for them to achieve the long hair look with short hair.


Easy & Comfy Appointments


When hair is short enough, to the point of 3 inches, your client’s options narrow to semi-permanent solutions such as tape, glues, and keratin bonding. Of these options, the tape route is by far the easiest!


With tape-ins, you can offer clients an appointment that gets them comfortably in and out in under an hour.

A Great Non-Damaging Alternative to Product


Tape-ins make for great colorful and playful  alternative hairstyles. You can give clients the coloring and highlights they want without having to put any chemicals in their natural hair. Along these same lines, you can achieve the texture they want without treating their natural hair with any extra chemicals.


Case in point, tape-ins make it so you can give your clients the look they want while keeping their bio hair healthy. Or, tape-ins can also be a great option for clients who have used a lot of product in the past and want to give their natural hair a break.


Reusable Investment Pieces


Whether your clients are first-timers or lifers, tape-ins can be used, removed, and then used again according to their desires. This adds value to their investment and also encourages them to become your returning clients or to spread word around about finding their one true stylist!

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