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Our Cleanest Removing Hair Extension Tape

Answering Client Questions

In Each of Our Strength Categories: Beautify’s Cleanest-Removing Hair Extension Tape 


Beautify gives you some of the cleanest-removing hair extension tape available in three different strength categories. There’s Strong, Stronger, and Strongest. Our Strong tapes work great for extensions up to, and including, the standard weft size of one centimeter by four centimeters. Then, our Stronger and Strongest tapes can hold up any and every extension heftier than that.


Typically, the pattern works like this: the stronger and longer-lasting a tape is, the more residue it will leave behind when removed. This is simply because tape is made to stick really well. 


Sometimes, when it comes to removing the tape, part of the adhesive will hold on for dear life. At that point, you’re left with some residue to clean off the extension and out of your client’s hair. 


At Beautify, we create extension tapes to achieve the best balance between a great hold and an easy, clean removal. Below, we take you through each of our strength categories and their tapes that leave behind the least amount of residue.


Strong Hair Extension Tape: Natural Hold


Among our three Strong options, our cleanest tape to remove is Natural Hold


This is also great news because Natural Hold is also our standout Single-Sided option. So, your stylists working with single-sided tape-in extensions still get the low-residue performance of Natural Hold too. Either double-sided or single-sided, you and your clients have Natural Hold (which could just as easily be called Natural Removal for how cleanly it removes).


Stronger Hair Extension Tape: Duo-Pro


Not that this is a flexing contest, but Duo-Pro offers the cleanest removal of all our tapes, period. 


This fact makes it something of a tape prodigy. As mentioned before, stronger tapes tend to leave more residue. However, somehow Duo-Pro is one of our Stronger tapes while also being our cleanest to remove. 


It all boils down to its ingenious design. We created Duo-Pro with one side’s adhesive made to hold to the extension. While at the same time, we formulated the other side’s adhesive to hold to your client’s hair. 


The thoughtfulness we put into this tape made Duo-Pro the first-ever tape made exclusively for hair extensions.


Strongest Hair Extension Tape: No Shine


Now, we’ve arrived at the cleanest removing extension tape among our Strongest options: No Shine.


Oh No Shine, No Shine, No Shine . . . let the gushing begin. No Shine has been our most popular tape-in extension tape for years. Often, we talk about the reasoning for its popularity due to how comfortably it wears and how strong it performs in your client’s hair.


But something else that makes this bestseller worth the attention is how cleanly it removes. No Shine achieves one of the strongest tape-in bonds available. For how strong it truly is, No Shine removes surprisingly cleanly.


Again, it’s usually the longest-lasting, strongest tape bonds that also tend to be on the messier removal side. After all, it’s their adhesive strength that makes them hold so strong in the first place. Yet, No Shine still finds a way to offer you and your clients strength and a relatively clean removal.


Because the Cleanest-Removing Hair Extension Tapes Are the Easiest to Remove


Knowing the relationship between our strength categories and their removal traits is really important. The strength categories help you figure out which tape to choose for hold performance. Then the clean removal traits help you know which tape to choose for client comfort at appointments.


Become a wholesale customer today, and enjoy our exclusive catalog’s Tape Guide. This guide illustrates each of our tape’s balance of strength and removal.


Finding the right tape that is easy to work with depends on how cleanly it removes. The relationship here is logical enough: the cleaner the tape removes, the easier it should be to remove it. This makes your appointments go faster and more comfortably for your clients.


It’s also a huge plus for your stylists because their process just got that much easier!


Speaking of Clean Extension Tape Removals: No Trace


While the focus of this blog has been on our tapes, we’d be remiss to exclude at least one shoutout to No Trace.


We know we’re not supposed to have favorites, but we consider No Trace our best extension tape remover. There, we said it. 


No Trace works as fast as an oil-based remover, and it does this without leaving a trace of oily residue behind. In fact, No Trace is actually alcohol-based, so whatever you spray simply vanishes without any extra cleanup. 


Matching No Trace with these three standout tapes gives you and your clients the cleanest, easiest extension tape removal experience achievable. 


Cleanest Removing Tape


Ready to offer your clients the quickest, easiest, and cleanest extension tape experience? Conveniently find these products today at the best price on our online store.

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