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Hypoallergenic Tapes: Our Walker Tape & Beautify Favorites


Nobody likes having allergies. They are uncomfortable and unpleasant to say the least. And, depending on how severe they are, they can even be life-threatening.


For a lot of us, we just need to avoid certain foods, or be sure to take allergy medication every day. But if you have skin allergies, they can be harder to avoid.


As any stylist knows, it’s not at all uncommon for your clients to have sensitive skin and allergies to certain adhesives and materials. If you’re looking for hypoallergenic tapes for your clients, then you’re in the right place!


Hypoallergenic Walker Tapes

To start with, let’s quickly go over what tapes are even made out of. That way, you can better understand what could be irritating your client’s skin.


Each tape has three components: an adhesive, a carrier, and a liner. 


The adhesive is, of course, the material that sticks to your client’s skin, and can be a common cause of irritation. The carrier is what the adhesive is put on, and can also cause a reaction. The liner is simply the piece that you remove when placing the tape. It’s not likely that the liner could cause a reaction.


Now that you know the parts of tape, let’s talk about what tapes could work best for your client’s skin.


1522 Clear


One of our more popular hypoallergenic tapes is 1522 Clear. It is a great choice if your client is looking for a daily wear tape. Its hold lasts for about five days.


1522 Clear is a medical grade tape, which means that it has been tested and approved as skin sensitive. It is a pretty shiny tape, so it is better for poly systems that won’t let it shine through.


Walker Signature Sensi-Tak Select


Sensi-Tak was one of our most popular products, but it didn’t work for everyone. That’s when we came out with Walker Signature Sensi-Tak Select. It’s just about the same as Sensi-Tak, but it’s hypoallergenic.


This means that you can give your clients the extended wear, low residue tape, while keeping them from having an allergic reaction. 


Like with 1522 Clear, Walker Signature Sensi-Tak Select is shiny, so it’s best used with poly systems. Since it is extended wear it can last up to ten days.




If the shininess of the last few tapes was putting you off, no need to worry. We have some fantastic hypoallergenic tapes that are nice and dull.


One such tape is our No-Shine tape. As its name suggests, No-Shine is dull, so you can wear it with any system you want, even lace. It is one of our maximum wear tapes, so it can last up to four weeks.


On top of all of that, it’s hypoallergenic, so it’s unlikely to cause any irritation.


Pro-Flex II


Our strongest hypoallergenic tape is Pro-Flex II. This tape can last over four weeks, all while being considered both hypoallergenic and medical grade.


If you have a client with very sensitive skin who is looking for the longest hold possible, this is the tape for you.


These tapes are all designed to be kind on even the most sensitive of skins. That being said, there is still a chance that they could bother your client. This is why we recommend doing a skin patch test.


To do a proper skin patch test place a small piece of tape on your client’s skin (we recommend behind the ear). Cover the area with a bandage and send your client home. Have them come back 24 hours later so you can remove the bandage and check for a reaction.


Hypoallergenic Beautify Tapes


Of course, not everyone who has sensitive skin is looking for full hair systems or wigs. Some people want extensions instead. We’ve got you covered there too with our Beautify tapes.


You may be wondering why you couldn’t just use some of the Walker tapes listed above for extensions. You probably could. However, the amazing thing about Beautify tapes is that they are made exclusively for extensions.


Designed and cut specifically for standard extension wefts, Beautify tapes have been carefully crafted to work seamlessly with extensions.


With that in mind, let’s dive into the Beautify tapes that are best for sensitive skin and can help avoid skin sensitivities when the tape may happen when tape makes contact with the scalp.


No Shine


Beautify’s No Shine is a lot like Walker Tape’s. That is, like Walker Tape, this No Shine is made to be nice and dull so that it doesn’t show through the weft. It is also hypoallergenic. The biggest difference is that this tape is specially designed to be used on extensions. 


This all together makes Beautify’s No Shine tape a great choice for your extension clients with sensitive scalps which the tape may come into contact with.

Pro-Flex II


Like with the No Shine, Beautify’s Pro-Flex II tape has a lot in common with Walker Tape’s.


It is also medical grade tape that is designed to last well over four weeks. However, if you use this tape, be sure to remove it within six weeks otherwise it will be difficult to remove. 


Pro-Flex II will do a great job of keeping your client’s extensions in place while being kind to their hair.


Easy Green


If you’re looking for an extension tape that is easy to place and remove, then Easy Green is the perfect option.



Not only is Easy Green hypoallergenic, it is also known for not stretching while being placed and removed. Making it great for clients that want one-time extensions.


Lace Front


The last hypoallergenic tape we’re going to talk about is Lace Front. This tape is considered our most comfortable tape.


Lace Front is made to blend in with the hair and weft. That way, your clients get a comfortable and natural look.


You can learn more about what kind of skin conditions could be affected by tape in our blog. If you still have questions you can also reach out to our customer service team. We’ll help answer any questions you may have.






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