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How to Work with One-Off Custom Extension Sizes

There is a lot to love about pre-cut tapes and extensions. They are simple and easy to install since you don’t have to do any cutting or guesswork.

However, there are times when your clients may want a very specific look. Often, these looks are for specific events or for a short period of time. Clients may ask for them when getting ready for weddings, costume parties, or if they just want to try a new look without commitment. That is where one-off custom extensions come into play.

But what are one-off custom extensions? They can be pretty intimidating, so how can you work with them confidently?

We’re here to help you out. So, here’s a quick guide on one-off custom extensions.

What Are One-Off Custom Extensions?

Let’s start with a quick definition to make sure we’re all on the same page.

  • One-off custom extensions are extensions that are meant to be used only once or for a specific application.
  • Most extension wefts are made to be reused and already cut to a specific length.
  • While extension tabs are simple and easy to work with, they can be limiting. That’s why one-off custom extensions exist!

Since these wefts are meant for very limited use, they don’t need very strong tape. For example, with one-off custom extensions you may want to use our Natural Hold Extension Tape. It is our strong hold (as opposed to our stronger and strongest holds) and is made to be comfortable and easy to remove.

The custom aspect means that they have been cut or made to fit specific styles. You can find these extensions already cut for what your client needs. Or you can find longer ones that you can cut yourself. Either way, they should be a great way to help your client achieve their dream look.

Tips for Customizing the Extensions

Now that we’re all clear on what one-off custom extensions are, let’s go over some tips and tricks for working with them. These tips should be especially helpful if you’re customizing the extensions yourself. However, they’re still great even if you’re working with pre-cut extensions.

Talk With Your Client to Make Sure You Know What They Want

There isn’t a thing in this world that proper communication can’t help with. Figuring out what your client is looking for is definitely not an exception.

You should talk with them about the exact look that they have in mind. Ask them if they have any examples. More than likely they have some picture of what they’re looking for (preferably from multiple angles). That should give you a clearer idea of what to do with the extensions.

It is best to get this information before the install appointment. That way you have ample time to get everything prepped and ready to go. You won’t have to keep your client waiting.

This tip is probably the most important. It’s good that you and your client are both clear on what you’re doing with the extensions. After all, hair can grow back after it’s been cut, wefts can’t. So, know for sure what’s expected before you cut and before you install.

Use Tape Rolls

Most extension tapes (like Beautify’s) come in two different forms: tabs and rolls.

A lot of people prefer tabs and we can understand why. They’re precut, so they are ready to go and easy to apply. What’s no to love about that?

  • Tabs can be pretty restrictive. Most tape tabs can only handle certain sized wefts at certain weights. When working with custom wefts, that’s not ideal.
  • While you do have to cut the tape yourself, you get to decide the size and shape of the tape. This makes them much easier to work with when using customized extensions.
  • Working with tape rolls may take a bit longer to work with. But the results you get with the customization make them worth it. 

If you want some more information about our tape rolls, you can read about them in our Extension Rolls blog.

If you need a more comprehensive tutorial on how to use tape rolls, we have one for you ready to go.

You Can Always Adjust

Like we said above, wefts don’t grow back. That reminder can make working with one-off custom extensions kind of intimidating. That’s why it’s good to remember that you can always adjust.

Tape isn’t permanent. If you get some of the extensions in place and realize it isn’t looking right, you can readjust. 

While you will need to retape, you can easily get the wefts to come off using our Extension Release. You can then remove the tape using our Weft Release. After you get the weft untaped and then retaped, you can get the weft exactly where you need it.

Don’t be intimidated by one-off custom extensions. Even if you make a mistake during the install, there is always room to fix it and learn.

Just like anything else that’s customized, one-off custom extensions can take a lot of time and work. But the results can be incredible. 

If you follow the tips above and are not afraid to experiment, you can provide your clients with looks that will keep them coming back. This is just another way to create the Beautify Bond between you and your clients. 
Are you ready to look for the tape rolls for your one-off custom extensions? You can take a look at our shop page to see all that Beautify has to offer. 

While we do recommend Natural Hold for this kind of extension, each client and their needs are different. So, be sure to look at our variety of tapes to see which one might work best for your client, their skin, and their vision.


If you still have questions, please reach out to us. We’ll help you out however we can!

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