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Why All Gym Goers & Wrestlers Will Want Defense Soap

Defense Soap is the best Gym Soap due to its powerful all-in-one protection against numerous skin infections commonly found in gyms. Bacteria, viruses and germs are everywhere and gyms are no exception. Numerous people use the gym and its equipment day in and day out, without anyone knowing who might have been an infectious carrier. Gym borne infections could range from mild to deadly (like MRSA), so it's best to invest in some good cleaning products and body washes. If you're after a powerful Gym Soap, nothing works better than Defense Soap to defend you against gym borne infections.

What are Gym Borne Infections?

Gym is synonymous to heath and fitness, but we seldom realise the possible health hazard associated with gyming. All health experts nod to the fact that the gym is a perfect breeding ground for almost all skin infections. Gyms are susceptible to numerous pathogens which could be in any form and anywhere like;

  • Lockers
  • Gym equipments, towels and practice mats
  • Showers, sauna baths and swimming pools
  • Benches and sitting places
  • While sharing personal items

It is unavoidable to use the above mentioned items while gyming, so we suggest the all-in-one protection given by our Gym Soap. It’s strong yet natural components make it an excellent measure against skin infections such as Herpes, Staph, MRSA, Ringworm and Impetigo.

Our Advice - Next time you visit a gym be sure to carry some Gym Soap. After you complete your gyming regime and head for the shower, why not give your body the complete and overall protection it needs to fight skin infections. Check out the full Defense Soap range here

What Makes Defense Soap the Best Gym Soap?

  • The rich and unique all natural ingredients make our Gym Soap the ultimate protection against any skin infection.
  • Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oils and Eucalyptus Oil in Gym Soap as core ingredients make it a strong antibacterial and antifungal soap.
  • Our Gym Soap is free from chemicals like Triclosan, Petrochemical Compounds and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, thus no fear of any side effects.
  • It is absolutely safe on all skin types.
  • Defense Soap acts as an active Gym Soap, working round the clock.
  • Result oriented and clinically proven results support Gym Soap's effectiveness.
  • FDA approved 

Did you know that Defense Soap is even Joe Rogan approved? 

 "That stuff is awesome. I just ordered a ton of it, and I use it every day. It's my main soap now." - Joe Rogan 


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