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WALKER TAPE Walker Signature Line Remover 118ml - Hairpiece, Wig, Toupee

SKU WT-614

WALKER TAPE Walker Signature Line Remover 118ml (4 oz) - Hairpiece, Wig, Toupee

Our Signature Remover is a medical grade organic citrus based solvent. You read that right! The winning combo of medical grade and organic makes this solvent incredibly unique and gentle. It is the fastest sensitive skin solvent we have ever come up with. It’s like C-22 only more skin friendly. It also has a more pleasant, mild citrus scent. Just a quick wash with mild soap and water after removal leaves you with a perfectly clean scalp and unit. What more can you ask for?



  • Medical Grade
  • Organic
  • Fast Acting
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Rinses with Soap and Water
  • Flammable


Do not use or store near open flame. Do not apply on irritated skin. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children. Test on small area before use. Do not leave on silicone bases more than 2-3 minutes.