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Pro Hair Labs - Ghost Buster, 8 oz

SKU PH-004

Professional Hair Labs Ghost Buster is fast acting citrus adhesive remover designed to clean hair systems only. Ghost Buster is highly refined and does not contain aloe or lanolin which has been proven to leave heavy oil residue on hair systems. Ghost Buster also does not affect the texture or color of the hair unit. If you are after a top quality adhesive remover, Ghost Buster is the product for you!


  • Put Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover in a plastic container. Completely submerge the hair system in the container. The hair system can be left in the solution for 10 minutes to 2 days. The remover should be kept at room temperature for optimal efficiency.
  • After 10 minutes, take the hair system out of the cleaner and proceed to clean the hair with your micro-fiber cloth. Once all the adhesive is removed, work New Demensions Dual Action Shampoo thoroughly into the hair system. Rinse the hair system with lukewarm water. Repeat at least 2 more times.