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DrugConfirm - Premium Saliva Drug Test Kit, 5 Panel Test

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For rapid reporting without compromising accuracy, SalivaConfirmTM Premium is a state-of-the-art drug testing solution. With lower drug concentration cut-offs than any other specimen type, saliva drug tests are increasingly popular. Our non-invasive SalivaConfirmTM Premium quickly identifies substance abuse while reducing the risk of sample tampering. 

Technical Information 

It is important to read the package insert before using the SalivaConfirm Premium screening device. 


SalivaConfirm is used for Screening Only. Positive results obtained with this device are presumptive. Additional testing is necessary to confirm the presumptive positive results. 

Positive results should be “confirmed” by an alternate method such as GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry). 

Professional judgment should be applied to any drug of abuse test result, particularly with preliminary positive results. 

SalivaConfirm Premium Product Overview 


  • -Lot number and expiration date are included on the test kit pouch

  • -Available tests include: AMP, COC, THC, mAMP, OPI, 
  • -Eliminates the need for controlled urine collections

  • -Uses anywhere and anytime

  • -Results in 10 minutes 


Do not use after the expiration date.
The test device should remain in the sealed pouch until use. 

Results are preliminary and positive results do not always mean that drugs are present in the donor. Certain foods and medicines, diet plan drugs, and nutritional supplements may yield a false positive test result with this product. Similarly, if the sample is diluted or the sample is adulterated, the product may yield negative results and not detect a particular drug. Laboratory tests confirm the preliminary results. 



  1. Remove the collection stick and test tube from the sealed pouch, then label the device with donor information. 
  2. Insert the sponge end of the collection stick into mouth and soak sponge into saliva for 3 minutes. Note: If the amount of saliva pressed into the test tube is not adequate to initiate testing, try again with a new collection stick and use same tube. 
  3. Hold the test tube vertically and place the collection stick into the tube. Press the stick all the way down until the lid seals the tube. Keep the test tube upright until you begin to read results. 
  4. Read results of alcohol test at 3 minutes and drug tests at 10 minutes. Peel off the label to read test results. 

For More information or further questions please consult the detailed instruction sheet provided and the video below, or contact us with your query




Cut-Off Level












40 NG/ML



11-nor-Δ9-THC-9 COOH 

12 NG/ML



Δ9-THC – 75 NG/ML



AMP: Amphetamine is a sympathomimetic amine with therapeutic indications. The drug is often self-administered by nasal inhalation or oral ingestion.


COC: Cocaine is a potent central nervous system (CNS) stimulant and a local anesthetic derived from the coca plant (erythroxylum coca).


mAMP: Methamphetamine is a potent stimulant chemically related to amphetamine but with greater CNS stimulation properties. The drug is often self-administered by nasal inhalation, smoking or oral ingestion.


OPI (MOP): The drug class opiates refers to any drug that is derived from the opium poppy, including naturally occurring compounds such as morphine and codeine and semi-synthetic drugs such as heroin. Opiates control pain by depressing the CNS, and demonstrate addictive properties when used for sustained periods of time. Opiates can be taken orally or by injection routes including intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous; illegal users may also take the intravenously or by nasal inhalation.3 

*The window of detection varies for different opiates. Codeine can be detected within one hour and up to 7-21 hours after a single oral dose. Morphine is detectable for several days after a dose. 


THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in the marijuana plant (cannabis sativa), is detectable in oral fluid shortly after use. The detection of the drug is thought to be primarily due to the direct exposure of the drug to the mouth (oral and smoking administrations) and the subsequent sequestering of the drug in the buccal cavity 



Returns & Replacements: 

-     All Products are FDA approved, meet Australian quality standards and Cut-off thresholds, all products come pre-packaged in excellent condition prior to shipping, each batch of product is tested and retained for quality control. 

-     If your product arrives damaged from transit, please contact us immediately with photos of the product and packaging and we will refund or replace as soon as possible. 

-    Due to the type of the product, any opened products cannot be returned. However, please contact us with a photo of the product if you have a problem and we will try and resolve the issue.