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* Free shipping on all orders $100+ *

Healthy Origins - Baby Colic Probiotic, 1 Vial, 8ml

SKU HO_55534

Healthy Origins Baby Colic Probiotic is formulated using patented KABP™ probiotic strains. These two unique strains have been clinically shown to help reduce the duration of crying episodes correlated with fussiness, gas, or colic in infant populations.*

Helps Reduce The duration of crying episodes and crying time*

For Breast-fed & bottle-fed babies*

Supports A calm gut & healthy microflora in babies*

Easy on the stomach and promotes stool consistency*

Liquid Formula – Easy Dropper

Formula contains 2 clinical strains: pentosaceus KABP™-041, B. longum KABP™-042

Three published clinical trials