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Healthy Orgins - B-Complex, Neurological & Cognative Health, 120Caps

SKU HO_24904

Why take a B-Complex? B vitamins are a group of nutrients
that are essential for our overall health and well-being. Though
they provide an extensive range of support for the body, they are
more commonly known for their pivotal roles in neurological
health, cognitive health, energy production and cellular function.
Several factors such as age, diet, or health conditions can diminish
the amount of B vitamins in the body leading to a deficiency. For
this reason, B vitamins are some of the most recommended
supplements by physicians and health care providers.

What is unique about Healthy Origins® Bioavailable B Complex?
Our B complex contains all eight B vitamins like most others, but
where we differentiate ourselves is the quality of the B vitamins
that are being used in our complex. There are many B complex
products that do not use any coenzymated (metabolically active)
forms of B vitamins in their formula, and others that only use a
few. When developing this product, we ran into multiple
challenges since several of the coenzyme B vitamins are difficult
to obtain. But after 16 months in development, we were finally
able to complete a formula we are proud of. We are confident that
you will find our product to be among the best B complex supplements available.