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ACNEGEN - ACNE MANAGEMENT SERUM, Blemish Control, Clear Skin in 24hrs, (32g)

by Acnegen
SKU WR_6179
Clear skin therapy
• Instant blemish control
• Visibly clearer skin in 24 hours
• Helps prevent future breakouts
Our ACNE MANAGEMENT SERUM combines Micronised Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid and botanical extracts to instantly control acne-causing bacteria, reduce sebum level and deep clean pores so you can get immediate control of your breakout, leaving skin softer and clearer within 24 hours.
The ACNE MANAGEMENT SERUM utilises USP Grade Micronised Benzoyl Peroxide 5% that goes to work deep in pores to effectively kill acne-causing bacteria on the spot to give you immediate control of your current breakout.
GLYCOLIC ACID 5% provides gentle skin exfoliation and smoothing, removing impurities from pores and decreasing sebum by 70%. Sebum is an oily substance produced by your sebaceous glands, and while it plays an important part in keeping skin moisturised and healthy, too much can clog pores and cause acne breakouts. Instant oil control, combined with cleaner, clearer pores, allows you to control your breakouts for visible results in 24 hours.
The ACNE MANAGEMENT SERUM is clinically proven to provide clearer, healthier skin. For the best results, use in conjunction with the rest of the Acnegen® line as part of the COMPLETE ACNE PROTECTION SYSTEM.
Some of the Natural & Effective Ingredients in ACNE MANAGEMENT SERUM:
Benzoyl Peroxide USP 5%: Designed to specifically fight acne-causing bacteria, Benzoyl Peroxide USP 5% is an antibiotic that can safely and gently cleanse skin by fighting bacteria that clogs pores.
Glycolic Acid 5%: An alpha hydroxy acid that is derived from sugar cane, Glycolic Acid contains tiny particles that penetrates deep into pores, removing impurities, controlling sebum levels, and promoting cellular renewal.
Arnica Flower Extract: Perennial plant that is native to the mountains of Europe, Arnica Flower Extract is a natural topical herb that reduces inflammation (such as puffiness), promotes wound healing, soothes skin irritation, and strengthens skin cells.
Echinacea Extract: Known to strengthen immunity and fight against bacteria that may cause illnesses, Echinacea is also an effective remedy that can improve skin hydration, reduce premature ageing, and reduce inflammation.

Goldenseal Extract: Containing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds, Goldenseal Extract is a natural herb that can help prevent acne-causing bacteria and reduce breakouts.