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Ellips - Hair Vitamins, 50 1ml Caps - 5 Different Types

by Ellips
SKU EL_0427

Experience The Freedom of Beautiful Hair

For damaged, dry hair with split ends.

Enriched with Moroccan oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin A,C,E ,Pro Vit B-5 that can nurse, nourish and protect damaged dry hair with split ends due to chemical processes (perms or rebonding). Hair looks healthier, smoother and easier to manage.

Available in blister and jar packaging

How to use Ellips Hair Vitamin.

  1. After showering, while the hair is still damp or even before using hairstyling tools, take one capsule of Ellips Hair Vitamin.
  2. Open and pour the contents on to palm
  3. Apply evenly onto hair strands. Do not apply onto scalp.
  4. Leave to dry, NO NEED TO WASH OFF. Style hair as usual.